The goal of yoga is to master calmness of the mind to preserve its natural, peaceful state; because if we control our minds, we control everything and are truly free and not bound by this world.


Yoga in the West has primarily been developed as an athletic practice that makes yoga feel incredibly inaccessible to anyone who doesn't fit the tiny mold of the traditionally welcomed bodies in the space.

Join me for an inclusive, adaptable class that brings this sacred, spiritual practice to people of all backgrounds with bodies of all shapes, sizes, and abilities! 


I have been a yogi for over 15 years, with half of that time spent practicing with a "non-traditional" yoga body. As a teacher who has practiced through multiple injuries and

changing body shape and chronic illness, I have specifically worked to amass training on the principles of equity and inclusiveness. It is my passion to lead classes that everyone, regardless of ability or experience, can enjoy!

​Abby's    T rainings   Include:

Accessible Yoga Certified Instructor
Yoga for All Certified Instructor